matt tillotson

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A little bit about me

I’m a Michigan native but have lived in Tampa Bay since 2001, with my wife, two daughters and two very spoiled dogs.

My background is in marketing: referral marketing strategy and development, content strategy, copywriting, and team leadership.

I have a bachelor’s degree in advertising from Michigan State and an MBA from the University of Florida.

Go Green, Go Gators.

My mission

To help companies build referral marketing processes, content, and networks to acquire their best customers at lower cost and to increase the lifetime value of those customers.

My favorite projects

Building a $90M referral marketing program at PODS with a great team

Exceeding lead generation goals for B2B technology companies

Developing content strategy and writing copy that delivers client objectives

Things I’m interested in

Marketing strategy and application. Not slick campaigns, but great experiences and content built on customer insights.

Books. Good books change us, which is why I love to read. What do I read? Well, here’s the list of pretty much every book I’ve read in at least the last decade or so.

And here I discuss the books that have changed me the most. I’m building out my notes and highlights on books I’ve read, and you can check those out here.

Writing. Writing has been a big part of my career and it’s where I sort out my thinking. You can read my blog here, or sign up for my weekly newsletter below.

And finally ...

Each week, I write about the most interesting things I'm doing, reading, and thinking about.

(Hot takes included, no extra charge.)

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