matt tillotson



A long, strage trip

Every year, our family makes a summer sojourn from Florida to the Michigan homeland. We venture north, celebrating family and America’s independence—even as we curse mosquitos and black flies the size of Pomeranians. Normally, Nikki captains this trip by herself. This year, with no employment to encumber my wandering, I drove up with Nikki, teen and tween Maddie and Avery, and two dogs, Lucy and Finn.Six living beings and one vehicle. 19.5 hours and 1,098 miles of asphalt-enabled travel await us.

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Alcohol tourism, hurray!

Northern Michigan has a thriving wine tourism scene: the Traverse City area alone has more than 40 wineries. So as part of our visit to the Michigan motherland, we plotted an alcohol touring day (because alcohol tourism is the best tourism) which included a couple of wineries and a tour of local whiskey maker Traverse City Whiskey Company.

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Star Wars: Wallet's Edge

My daughter Avery and I were fortunate enough to visit the newest Disney Parks creation: A Star Wars-themed land called Galaxy’s Edge, which opened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios last week (and at Disneyland last May). I have thoughts, in three areas: (1) Quick first impressions, (2) Defining “success” for Galaxy’s Edge, and (3) A interesting brand partnership

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